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Maealth Tech

Maealth is an innovative Health IT startup company, focused on using information and communication technology to develop low-cost healthcare solutions that address health problems/shortcomings unique to individuals and health institutions of our nation, Cameroon and developing nations as a whole. Maealth solutions come in the form of software tools and services that have been proven to save lives and improve/develop healthcare systems or structures. These software tools and services can be customised to suit the needs of a specific healthcare center and can be used to facilitate the operations of the aforementioned institutions. Maealth also offers seminars and training sessions to the various staffs on how the tools are used to facilitate life and work in these institutions..

Our Services

  • First AID app

    Get access to millions of first AID and Natural solutions to your problem just with our first Aid app.

  • Data Collector

    Run powerful surveys and produce great analytics with our mobile data collector for health care

  • ANC reminders

    Best companion for pregnant women in the form of SMS to improve clinic visits and health tips

  • Lab Management system

    Manage patient lab results right from the analyzer. Print lab results with a single click.

Our Team

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