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App Features

HelpYourself mobile app is a simple to use, visually appealing android application that provides educative and life-saving health information to its users and helps them connect live to a medical doctor in cases of emergencies.

First Aid

Access life-saving first aid steps while offline

Mom’s Guide

Offline health tips and advice for pregnant mothers

Live Chat with a Medical Doctor

Send health inquiries and concerns to a medical doctor for medical advice.

Great Support

With our devoted team, your requests are always going to cattered for.

App Screenshots

Download Now Available

For now the app is only Available for android devices, but our team of developers and designers are working providing IOS and maybe Windows versions of the app.


Great user interface. Also I can now chat with a doctor and share health inquiries for free, that's lovely!! uaccyber space
Wow I love this it's really great Nche Ngang
Great app for health care in Cameroon flames flames

About HY App

HelpYourself app is one of an array of innovative solutions developed by Maealth Inc.; a Cameroon registered social enterprise using Information Technology to improve the quality of health information, strengthen national health systems and ensure accessible, high-quality health care for all through software services that have been proven to save lives and improve/develop healthcare systems or structures.

Our goal is to provide access to basic healthcare services to individuals in the Far North, North-West and South-West regions of Cameroon affected by the ongoing crisis considering the fact that many hospitals have been destroyed, people have fled their homes and are living in bushes and movements are even restricted most at times such that access to primary health care can be very challenging even in emergency situations.